Yoga has been out of focus for about 1000 years. It is the oldest system of personal development that encompasses the body, mind and soul. Its origin dates back to more than 7000 years. Yoga is part of Vedas. The Vedic period is the estimated to be before BC 5000. This valuable science of self-realization and purification is a gift from the sages of ancient times. It continues to be an arduous task to spread this gift throughout the world due to lack of genuine gurus and support from the community.

Many of us have the wrong concept that yoga involves the renunciation of material wealth and assuming sainthood. Here let us remember the sacred song of, thirugnana sambandar beginning with ‘Mannil Nallavannam vazhalam’. He proclaims that the Saivaneri will ensure happy and the prosperous life in this world itself.

We can practice yoga and still continue with our daily activities. Yoga is an integral part of our daily life. It provides a unique combination of asanas, pranayama and meditation – a balanced and wholesome approach to achieve excellence in physical and mental health, happiness and tranquility. Yoga is increasingly recognized for its usefulness for the general well-being of the individual.

It will be a mistake to practice yoga by limiting it to the physical aspects only, and leaving out the other attributes, namely yama, niyama, pranayama, prathyahara, dharana, dhyana and Samadhi. Many practitioners, even those who teach the asanas, are not aware of the very subtle influences these eight those who teach the asanas, are not aware of the very subtle influences these eight attributes have on the mind,body and the spirit. Most people who practice yoga never truly become devotees of a guru, thereby missing the wealth that could be theirs. As their focus is only on the body, they miss all the subtle benefits of the other aspects of yoga.

Today, the practice of yoga is more essential and appropriate than ever before. It is the key to good health and happiness. Great advances in medical science have reduced the incidence of physical diseases which plagued the humanity for centuries. Better and newer drugs and surgical techniques have led to the eradication of most infectious diseases and metabolic disorders. But new and worse problems have cropped up. Present studies have made it clear that several types of diabetics catch us very young. Children who watch TVs for more than two hours a day are more likely to be obese. Obesity is an established risk factors type 2 diabetics.

The type 1 diabetics is an autoimmune disorder in which the body no longer produces insulin, the hormone that clears the blood of glucose (sugar) after a meal and deposits it into body cells to use as fuel. It has been found out that the type1 diabetics is associated with substantial plaque build-up inside arteries regardless of body-weight; family history, smoking and length of time with diabetics. As such heart diseases appear to be the bonus gift for such diabetic patients. The diseases like diabetics, of various types, threaten human life greatly. These lead to further complication like heart attack, blindness etc., making human life miser.

It has been estimated that AIDS epidemics kills five million people a year. And, what will be its future growth is beyond imagination. So far no medical solution has come up, even though billions of dullards are spend for finding a medical solution. The United Nations has accepted that in the 20 years since the world. AIDS has killed 22 million people and orphaned 13 million children. The global infection rate is now 15000 people a day and 36 million are living with the virus.

It is very clear that the root cause for all these diseases and sufferings are the indiscipline and unbridled sensual pursuits. Our culture, particularly the yoga system, has insisted the control of senses and mind.

Yoga system has specific techniques for such a positive control. Through these disciplined exercises of yoga, man dies become strong and makes progress towards self realization with self-confidence.