Yoga Tips

The Ministry of Health


I am Yogi Sri Dr Balakrishnan and I have been in the field of Yoga and Hindu Vedas for more than 50 years. My years of practicing yoga have enabled me to showcase and demonstrate acts of extreme strength many times. Moreover, through conducting lectures and yoga lessons I have earned the trust and respect of many followers around the world. The University of Taiwan conferred me the Doctorate title for the work I have accomplished in terms of both in Yoga theory and daily practical applications.

I am an ardent supporter of Vegan Food and Vegetarianism and I am heartened that the world is slowly but definitely accepting Veganism and many institutions such as The World Vegan Organization (WVO) and the Vegetarian Society of Singapore (VSS) have been successfully.

spreading the message of not killing animals for food. Unfortunately animal testing is still widely practiced today. I have experimented with my own body in many ways as a form of research and have established some truths about living a healthy life and caring for illnesses without animal testing.

Furthermore, through Yoga I have mastered techniques to remove wastes that accumulate in the body and I have established ways based on Yoga to protect the body from the harms of wastes and toxins. I am also determined to bring the waste removing techniques to the people of the world and help everyone, including children, men and women of all age groups, to adopt these techniques for a healthier mind and body.

I hereby seek approval of Ministry of Health to conduct training and impar this valuable technique to the interested individuals and organization who come forward to learn in Singapore.

Thank you and I look forward to your favorable reply. Yours truly,