MAHA KUMBAMELA: A student needs to learn and practice yoga under the direct guidance of his guru for 12 years. Only to denote this, Maha Kumbamela is celebrated once in 12 years.

The use of kumbam has been incorporated by our forefathers in all the ceremonies auspicious or otherwise, only to impress the importance of the practice of yoga. Kumbabhishekam is performed in all the temples once in 12 years for the same purpose.

Allahabad is known as ‘Triveni Sankamam’ where the sacred rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvathi join. Here the rishis, saints, sadhus, laymen – all alike assemble once in 12 years during Maha Kumbamela and get rid of their karma by doing snan in the holy waters.

It is not enough merely to take bath in the holy waters. All should understand the relevance and meaningfulness of practicing yoga and attain spiritual evolution. Thirumoolar has explained yoga path and Saivaneri in his work Thirumanthiram in 3000 slokas; Patanjali Munivar has rendered Yoga Sastra in 195 formulas in Sanskrit.