KUMBAM: For the Hindus, the Kumbam symbolically represents the highly principled Yoga Path, which is a way of life. The Yoga Path consists of the following eight parts:

1. Iyamam
2. Niyamam
3. Aasanam
4. Praanaayaamam
5. Prathyaakaaram
6. Dhaarana
7. Dhyaana
8. Samaadhi
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MAHA KUMBAMELA: A student needs to learn and practice yoga under the direct guidance of his guru for 12 years. Only to denote this, Maha Kumbamela is celebrated once in 12 years.
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We should realize the greatness of these contributions to the humankind; learn and use them for realizing life’s objectives.

Published Books

Panniru Thirumurai

(Vedhic Thamizh Theological Composition)
By Dr.Yogisri Balakrishnan

The theological literature in Thamizh is very rich and vast. The panniru Thirumurai speaks of universal welfare and oneness. It stresses that God is one. It teaches love is god.

About 50 Books and each book contains 500 pages are to be realesed soon..

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